This is me with my little family. it makes me smile. (Photo Credit: Carly Mitchell)

I believe that life should be celebrated. As a parent, hidden underneath the long nights, truly are short weeks and even shorter years. Buried underneath a total house explosion, pull-your-hair-out frustration and wandering thoughts of why wine bottles are not sold with straws…are moments that take your breath away.

I seek moments that make you feel something and help you remember. I guess it is because, as a parent, I fear I will forget. Not the big moments, but the small ones… and the moments in between. How my daughter, with her uncombed hair, dresses herself like she has been lost in the woods for weeks or how my son’s first love, just may have been his toes.

It is daunting to me to know that a moment is here and then it is gone forever. I think it is somewhere in the many layers of that thought where my photography has its roots – wanting to freeze time for a moment longer…. so you can always remember how tiny your newborn is, your three year olds giggle-smile or those precious days before your teenager heads out the door in pursuit of their dreams. All that jump up and down, DANG I am blessed , good stuff in life.

I am not interested in capturing the perfect, formal portrait. I want to capture the not so perfect – the stuff that makes your heart skip a beat. It is my hope to capture this time in your life and your family … well, just being your family… and confidently knowing that is more than enough.

This parenting thing is not for the faint of heart, but it is a pretty spectacular journey – right? Let’s celebrate it!

We will have fun, I promise! I can’t wait to meet you!