I believe in heart strings. They are hard to explain, but it is that tiny tug or the soft whisper you hear and you know it is your heart almost indescribably pulling you in a direction to do something, make a decision, get involved, make a change… to be to be a part of something bigger than yourself.

The pull is different for everyone and you don’t need to justify it – it just is what it is. Thank goodness.

It is my prayer, that I will always continue to use my gift of photography to give life to where my heart strings pull me and tell stories. Important stories. Stories for those who may have a harder time being heard. I want to bring a megaphone to their voice in hope that a few more people will hear…and maybe, together, we will even tug on their heart strings and convince them to be a part of something much bigger than themselves.

I’ve included just a few photos here, but I hope that you take time to watch the slide shows that unveil my most recent journeys shared in Rwanda and Ecuador. The faces you will see changed my life forever. I hope you let them seep into your hearts too.